Blue Glacier Mount Olympus


The American Geographical Society (AGS) is an organization of professional geographers, founded in 1851 in New York City. Most fellows of the society are Americans, but among them have always been a significant number of fellows from around the world. The Society encourages activities that expands geographical knowledge, and the interpretation of that knowledge so that it can be useful to geographers and other disciplines, especially in a policymaking environment. It is the oldest nationwide geographical organization in the United States. Over the century and a half of its existence, the AGS has been especially interested in three regions: the Arctic, the Antarctic, and Latin America. A signature characteristic of the AGS-sponsored exploration was the requirement that its expeditions produce tangible scientific results.

Blue Glacier Mount Olympus
USA REF-CT0308-001
77°50'00.0"S 164°10'00.0"E

Lieu: Blue Glacier, Antarctica

Authors: Ghosh - Durupinar - Diaz
Scale: 1:5’000

Publié: Septembre 2018
Catégorie: Cartographie