Cabrisy et Blanc

Carte viticole en relief de l’Hérault


Hérault is part of the region of Occitanie and is surrounded by the departments of Aude, Tarn, Aveyron, Gard, and the Mediterranean (Gulf of Lion) on the south. The department is geographically very diverse, with beaches in the south, the Cévennes mountains in the north, and agricultural land in between. To define the Hérault, one often tends to compare its territory to an open amphitheater facing the sea. The geography of the Hérault is marked by the diversity of its geology and its landscapes. These range from the southern foothills of the Massif Central, to the Mediterranean Sea, through the areas of garrigue and the low plain of Languedoc wine. The Hérault is bathed by a Mediterranean climate.

Carte viticole en relief de l’Hérault
Carte viticole en relief de l'Hérault, Cabrisy et Blanc (Paris), 1:50'000
43°21'00.0"N 3°13'00.0"E

Lieu: Hérault, France

Collection: Bibliothèque de Genève
Scale: 1:50’000
Publisher: Cabrisy et Blanc (Paris)
Text: Wikipedia

Publié: Janvier 2020
Catégorie: Cartographie