J. Andriveau-Goujon

Des Principales Montagnes et du Cours des Principaux Fleuves du Monde


This atlas was published in many compilations over a thirty year period. It was indeed an atlas of “choice” of the publisher and as such consists of a wide variety of maps that Andriveau-Goujon favored to include at the time. It consists of ancient and modern geographical maps, engraved and hand colored, in 42 sheets some folded. Dated 1764-1830. Bound in brown marbled paper over board with green leather spine. Shows the old world with the spreading and development of the different peoples. Including a double hemisphere and solar system, Holy Land, the ancient world, Europe, France (on double and one-half sheets), the Americas, The United States features the Confederate Territory of Arizona, Africa and Asia. The last sheet includes a large comparative view of the main mountains and over the main rivers of the world. Maps embellished with engraved cartouche, geographical, agricultural, physical information, tables and text. Some maps in Latin. Shows administrative divisions, capitals, cities, villages, mines, roads, rivers, canals, postal routes, etc. Relief shown by hachures and shading. Prime meridian is Paris.

Comparative mountains and rivers charts, a convention developed in the 19th century. Beautifully colored with fine graphics and art and closely corresponding statistical tables. It presents an appealing balance in different colors. Extensive annotations on vegetation, volcanic activity, and lichen, no doubt derived from Humboldt. Of course, due to the early date, the geographical data does not reflect many later discoveries.

Des Principales Montagnes et du Cours des Principaux Fleuves du Monde
Tableau Comparatif et Figure de La Hauteur des Principales Montagnes et du Cours des Principaux Fleuves du Monde, Paris, Chez J. Goujon & J. Andriveau, Geographes et Editeurs, Rue du Bac, No. 6, Près le Pont Royal, 1829
Lieu: Earth

Engravers: Dumortier - A. Hocquart - Arnoul
Collection: David Rumsey Map Collection

Publié: Juillet 2019
Catégorie: Cartographie