Frederick Wilhelm von Egloffstein

Mining districts of Mexico


Full color engraved geological map. With 13 geological Profiles. Shows major cites, volcanoes, lakes, etc. Note: The geological profiles constructed from altitudes obtained by series of barometrical observations made along the lines indicated in white. Includes reference. Relief shown by shadings and spot heights. Prime meridian is Mexico.

Mining districts of Mexico
Geological map and profiles of some of the principal mining districts of Mexico, Geographical Institute, Baron F.W. Von Egloffstein, No. 164 Broadway N. York, Lettering by Oliver J. Stuart, N.Y. Entered, 1864
19°26'00.0"N 99°08'00.0"W

Lieu: Mexico City, Mexico

Lettering: Oliver J. Stuart
Printer: Major & Knapp Eng. Mf’g. & Lith. Co. - W. Pate
Collection: David Rumsey Map Collection

Publié: Juillet 2019
Catégorie: Cartographie