John Bartholomew & Son

World Physiography


Full color map. Shows principal active and extinct volcanoes. Conformal and near equal-area projection, designed to display Continental relationship. Relief shown by gradient tints. No. 1591, and June 57, marked on the lower corners of plate. The Times Atlas on the upper left corner.

World Physiography
World Physiography, 1:70’000’000, Bartholomew's "Regional" Projection; Vulcanology (After Richy & Kennedy), With Terrestrial Relief; Structural Geology (After Umbgrove & Holmes) 1:50’000’000; Seismology (After Guttenberg & Richter), 150’000’000; Edited by John Bartholomew, M.C., LL.D. The Geographical Institute Edinburgh; Copyright, John Bartholomew & Son, LTD.
Lieu: Earth

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Co.
Size: 49 x 61 cm
Scales: 1:70’000’ 000 - 1:150’000’000
Engraver: William Clowes & Son Ltd.
Collection: David Rumsey Map Collection

Publié: Février 2019
Catégorie: Cartographie