John Martin

Paradise Lost: Adam and Eve Driven out of Paradise


The distractable Adam falls prey to a second inspiration through the secondary voices of the serpent and the woman; as a result he discovers what theologians called his freedom. Initially, however, this consists only in a certain willing openness to seduction by outside elements. The phenomenon of freedom subsequently takes on its full, unnerving magnitude by installing radicalized independence of will and the desire for other things than those prescribed, indeed for many kinds of things—all declensions of a metaphysically interpreted evil will. From the very first whim of individual freedom, however, humans lost the ability to stay in their place within the purely sounding biunity of the God-self space, devoid of all secondary voices. The “expulsion from paradise” is a mythical title for the spherological primal catastrophe—in psychological terminology it would be paraphrased as a general weaning trauma.

Paradise Lost: Adam and Eve Driven out of Paradise

Collection: The Cleveland Museum of Art (John L. Severance Fund 1989.80)
Dimensions: 349 x 253 mm
Text: Peter Sloterdijk, Bubbles, 1998

Publié: Novembre 2016
Catégorie: Illustration