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Just as… a good portrait of a person gives us a clue to his past life, so maps should… give an insight into the… history of our earth. But this alone is not sufficient… To reproduce the traces which organic life and, particularly, man leave upon it should form one of the main aims of map-making. One might almost say that maps showing the economic and commercial phenomena of any given region constitute a graphic epitome of our geographic knowledge concerning that region.

Switzerland Collection
Shaded Relief Model
Switzerland Collection
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Switzerland Collection
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Switzerland Collection
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Switzerland Collection
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Switzerland Collection
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Switzerland Collection
46°50'00.0"N 8°20'00.0"E

Lieu: Switzerland

Projection: CH1903 / LV03
Data: OpenStreetMap - NASA - USGS - STRM
Scale: 1:600’000
Text: Max Eckert, On the Nature of Maps and Map Logic, 1908

Publié: Décembre 2016
Catégorie: Observation